Wake Conference June 8-9 2011. Gotland University, Visby, Sweden.


Thanks to all participants!



Do we know everything about how wakes behind rotors behave? No, there is still a lot of research needed to get a full understanding of the wake dynamics. Today, there are a number of universities and research institutes involved in different research projects aiming for a better understanding of wakes. There are projects involving both modeling, simulations and measurements. Therefore, it is important that researchers from different institutes and universities, both with experimental and numerical background, meet and exchange experiences and ideas for the future.  

This seminar is aimed for scientists, PhD students or others working within the field of wake dynamics. Participants have the opportunity to give a 20 minutes presentation each (after acceptance of abstract). The conference covers the following subject areas: Wake and vortex dynamics, instabilities in trailing vortices and wakes, simulation and measurements of wakes, analytical approaches for modeling wakes, wake interaction and wind farms.