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The Nordic Consortium, Optimization and Control of Wind Farms, was initialized by Professor Dan Henningson, Associate Professor Stefan Ivanell and Professor Jens Sörensen as a continuation of the PhD work performed by Stefan.  

The main aim is to continue the work on:

  1. basic reseach on wake stability, i.e. to quantify the mechanisms behind the breakdown of the wake structure and thereby to be able to estimate wake lengths etc.
  2. development of farm simulation tools to be able to optimize and control large wind farms.
  3. and to coordinate collaboration within wind energy projects in the field at Uppsala University, KTH and DTU in close collaboration with the industry.

with the following sub-goals:

  • Cost effective utilization of wind power parks
  • Increased understanding of wake interaction for improved modeling
  • Optimize power generation from each turbine to improve total power
  • Optimize lifespan of turbine by minimizing loads from wake interaction
  • Educate researchers that can work with wind power in industry and education institutes

The Swedish part of the project is financed by the Swedish Energy Agency and VindForsk.

The project group consists of:



Steering committee

Project Manager Stefan Ivanell         Uppsala University/KTH
Assistant Project Manager Dan Henningson         KTH  
Assistant Project Manager Jens Sørensen         DTU  

Swedish participants

Associate Professor Stefan Ivanell         Uppsala University/KTH  
Dan Henningson
Ingemar Carlén
Jan-Åke Dahlberg
      Jens Madsen           Vattenfall  
      Stefan Söderberg           WeatherTech  
      Magnus Baltscheffsky           WeatherTech  
Associate Professor  Simon-Philippe Breton           Uppsala University
Associate Professor Philipp Schlatter         KTH  
Researcher Antonio Segalini           KTH  
Postdoc Johan Arnqvist   Uppsala University  
Karl Nilsson
Uppsala University
Sasan Sarmast
Uppsala University
Postdoc Hugo Olivares Espinos Uppsala University  
PhD student Elektra Kleusberg KTH  
PhD student   Mattias Brynjell-Rahkola         KTH  
PhD student Erik Boström KTH  
PhD student   Nikolaos Simisiroglou           Uppsala University/WindSim
PhD student
Ola Eriksson
Uppsala University
PhD student   Silke Martinen
          Uppsala University
Research administrator Andrew Barney           Uppsala University  
Research administrator Maria Klemm           Uppsala University  

Danish participants

Jens Sørensen
Associate Professor Robert Mikkelsen       DTU  
Søren H. Andersen
PhD student Kaya Onur Dag DTU  
PhD student Emre Barlas DTU  

Norwegian participants

Arne R. Gravdahl
CEO, WindSim AS
PhD student Nikolaos Simisiroglou           Uppsala University/WindSim  

Reference group

Andreas Gustafsson
Swedish Energy Agency
Angelica Ruth
Swedish Energy Agency
      Josefin Hedberg         E.on
Jens Madsen
Vattenfall Wind Power
Ulf Tollaksen