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Assistant Project Manager

Nordic Consortium:

Optimization and Control of large wind farms

The project includes participants from both academia and industy from Sweden, Denmark and Norway

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Financed by Swedish Energy Agency and VindForsk


Swedish Representant

IEA Annex 31, participation since 2011 


Financed by VindForsk 

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Project Manager (Swedish part)

IEA (Internation Energy Agency) Task 29 - MexNext

Analysis of wind tunnel measurements

This project is a part of the nordic consortium.

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Financed by Swedish Energy Agency and VindForsk 


Swedish Representant

IEA Annex 11, participation since 2004 

Base Technology Information Exchange

Financed by VindForsk 

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Coordinator, KTH

OFFWINDTECH - Offshore Wind Enabling Technology

KIC InnoEnergy project, participation since 2011 

Financed by KIC InnoEnergy 


Swedish Representant

IEA Annex 20, 2004-2007, CLOSED 

HAWT Aerodynamics and Model from Wind Tunnel Measurments

Financed by VindForsk 

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Member of Project Committee

InterregIIIc - Wind Tech Know, 2005-2007, CLOSED

Finaned by the European Union

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Supervisor - PhD projects

Karl Nilsson, Optimizing and Controlling Wind Farms, HGO/KTH (VindforskIII)

Görkem Teneler, Production variation in large wind farms due to icing, HGO/KTH (Toppforskningsinitiativet, Nordiska Ministerrådet)

Ola Eriksson, Farm Farm interaction, HGO/KTH (VindforskIII)

Sasan Sarmast, Wake Stability and Interaction, KTH (Energy Agency)


Supervisor - Master Thesis Projects, 30 ETCS

Sandra Nordqvist, Lillgrund wind farm - A study on optimization of energy production and farm efficiency by positioning of the wind turbines, 2011

Fan Zou, Estimation of Wind Energy Production for Offshore Wind Farm, 2011.

Karl Nilsson, Estimation of Wind energy Production in Relation to Orographic complexity, 2010.

(This list is not complete)


Supervisor - Master Thesis Projects, 15 ETCS

Raphaël Désilets-Aubé, Developing boundary conditions using the nesting technique on simple terrain -

A study of wind and turbulence intensity pro les sensitivity, 2011

Görkem Teneler, Wind Flow Analysis on a Complex Terrain - A reliability study of a CFD tool on forested area

including effects of forest module, 2011

(This list is not complete)